Services – Translation and Localisation

Scientific and medical documents, perfectly translated to maximise understanding

Biopharma and health industries need someone that can translate scientific messages, as well as linguistic ones. If you’re aiming for the Portuguese/EU market, you’ll need someone that is fluent in Portuguese, plus has a solid scientific and medical knowledge.

Have your scientific and medical documents translated and adapted to the Portuguese market

I’m a native Portuguese speaker and I have experience communicating with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals alike.

How I approach your translations

* Read all the content, to make sure I understand the intended meaning
* Translate it section by section, because Portuguese language has a different sentence structure
* Re-read and fine-tune the translation to guarantee it makes sense in Portuguese
* Proofread and delivery

This system ensures your documents have the same meaning in both languages, so you keep your messages consistent.

Ready to work with me?

Localisation makes your documents meaningful

Localisation is important in regulatory documents, to make sure you address country-specific regulations. In MedComms documents, adding localisation promotes engagement in your target audience.
When you localise a document, you go beyond translation: you address the language, culture, and specific regulations.

If you want to maximise your relevance and engagement, localise your documents.

In a hurry? Have your documents translated ASAP

I have technical translation packages, perfect for small documents.

What it includes:

Scientific/medical text translation from English to Portuguese and proofreading. I’ll sign an NDA if your document is confidential. Each page ~400words. Turnaround: up to two weeks.

Your investment:


1 page


3 pages


5 pages



Each additional page (up to 20 pages): 25€/27.40$

If your document has more than 20 pages, if you also need localisation or if you can accommodate a longer turnaround period, contact me to discuss details and fees.

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