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Having a professional medical writer on your team allows you to create accurate, quality texts that satisfy regulatory authorities and move your business forward.

Medical writers are an important asset for the medical industry

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and healthcare companies are more successful when they have dedicated medical writing professionals in their teams.

Having a medical writer in your team will help you prepare all the necessary regulatory documents during your product lifecycle. A medical writer can also communicate the benefits of your products and services to your target audience, helping your business grow.

Your medical writer is a skilled communications specialist and a scientific expert.

Some traits of medical writers and how they can help your business:

In-depth knowledge

Whether it’s a regulatory writer breaking down scientific research and clinical trials’ data to present to regulatory agencies or a medical communications specialist helping biopharma and health companies communicate and engage their audience, all medical writers have a strong scientific and medical knowledge.
This ensures your messages are accurate and supported by evidence, thus meeting regulatory requirements and improving your credibility.

Fast learners

No one can know everything, but medical writers can quickly catch up with new therapeutic areas, concepts, and terminology.

In the fast-paced biopharmaceutical and medical devices industries, this is a valuable skill and helps companies to be at the forefront of innovation.

Medical writers wear multiple hats

A good medical writer has scientific knowledge, writing and project management skills, and can also have a unique skill that boosts your results. Some medical writers are also biostatisticians, while others help manage your publications.

Me? I love delving in digital health, copywriting, and SEO.

Regulatory medical writing

After so many years and resources invested in R&D, you’ll want to have the best writers on your team to sail smoothly through regulatory waters.
I’ll bring my knowledge as a 10+ year HCP, combined with writing and teamwork skills to help you and your team to deliver quality documents on time.
I can also help with translations (English to Portuguese), so you can prepare your documents for the EU and Portuguese markets.

Medical Communications

Medical communications is a vast area that include medical education, scientific publications and presentations, congress coverage, and so much more. Sometimes it links arms with medical copywriting and in the digital space, it benefits from some SEO knowledge. If you’re looking for a medical writer that can effectively communicate with different audiences and can produce quality documents, you’re in the right place.

I’m focused on your success

As regulations change and medical communications need evolve, professional medical writers keep learning and updating their knowledge. As an active member of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), I’m committed to continuous learning and professional development. This way, you’ll benefit from updated knowledge and best practices in medical writing.

Need medical writing assistance?

If you’re looking for an EU medical writer with strong teamwork skills and a knack for digital health communication, get in touch to find out how I can help.

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