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How I’ve helped pharma, biotech, meddev, and other medical industry companies reach their goals

I’ve been lucky enough to work for clients from all over the world since I decided to pursue my medical writing career. All the projects I’ve worked on so far have taught me something valuable that help me in the work I do today.

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Featured samples

Articles for Medical Writing journal

Volunteering for the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) has been one of my most rewarding tasks. My latest article was about podcasts for medical writers.


Being a pharmacist who’s fluent in Portuguese and English means I’ve worked in a fair amount of translations. Since many are for biomedical companies who require NDAs, here is a translation I did for EMWA about predatory publishing.

Regulatory medical writing

I’m working on a mock regulatory document so you can see what I can do without infringing the NDAs I’ve signed. Check back this section soon!

Blog posts and newsletters

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people and help them communicate with their audiences.

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Other work I’ve been up to

What do writers do to sharp their skills? They write!

And medical writers attend congresses, study, and keep updated in the ever-changing medical, health, and regulatory subjects. Here is some work I’ve done in that pursuit of knowledge.

EMWA multidisciplinary certificate

A lot of effort went into this certificate. I’m very grateful to EMWA for providing training and very proud of completing my first certificate!

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