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Self-care in stressful times

As I write this letter, we’re reaching the end of Mental Health Awareness Week. My social feeds are filled with personal accounts of current and past stories about mental health challenges. While some people are more impacted than others by the current pandemic,...

The Dark Side of Science

Today, I’m coming back to the topic of science communication, because there was a documentary released on YouTube—and since then removed—that you may have heard of: Plandemic. No, I’m not going to give you a link, because links are the currency of the Internet and...

Deconfinement ahoy! (and the role of antibodies)

This week, as the world readies itself to a new normal and gradually lifts confinement rules, I tried to wrap my head around what’s known about serology testing and COVID-19 antibodies. Before I dive into that, I would just like to leave you with a bit of comic relief...

Deadlines: what do they really mean?

Yesterday, as I rushed to meet a deadline I had some fleeting thoughts. Whyyyyy did I think it was a good idea to leave my comfort zone?!This is sucking the life out of me.I hate my life. I can be quite a dramatic diva under when I’m under pressure, huh? I quickly set...

Science Communication — why should you care?

This week I planned to write about how SARS-CoV-2 has impacted some regulatory matters, namely the EMA new clinical trials guidance and the postponing of the Medical Devices Regulation. But the importance of science communication never fails to rear its...

Fighting misinformation during a health crisis

“Preventing misinformation requires curating knowledge and prioritising science, especially during a public crisis.”—Joan Donovan, in Nature During this pandemic, humankind has faced many challenges. We were not as prepared to the emergence of a new virus like we...

Covinformation patchwork: shedding light on the unknown

There’s a sentiment of uncertainty that I’ve seen echoed lately. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we struggle to find accurate information, conclusive data, and clear guidelines. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is being put to the test in our scramble to find a...

Essential EU regulations in the medical industry — part II

We usually think of regulations in two ways: they’re either that boring, alien subject that you want nothing to do with, or a framework that puts your work into context, giving you some indication about the best path to take. I prefer the roadmap approach, and even if...

Essential EU regulations in the medical industry — part I

One of our challenges as medical industry professionals is that we need to keep up to date with key changes in our tightly regulated industry. Even if we’re not responsible for implementing them and guarantee that they’re being implemented in our daily jobs, we need...

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