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How do we stop the discrimination virus?

This week, I want to explore how belonging to a community is essential to us, in our personal and work lives. And unfortunately, how some communities are failing us. The idea for this post came from a feeling of gratitude for being a part of some local and virtual...

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How to write a summary of a research paper (with template)

In our daily work as medical writers, we have to read many scholarly articles and extract the main information from them. Having a process to retrieve that information and create a short summary that you can easily access will save you precious time. That’s why I decided to guide you through my process of summarising a research article and created a handy template.

Having short summaries of academic papers is useful to create news articles, press releases, social media posts, blog articles, or curated news reports, like the one I write weekly for my newsletter subscribers.

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Diana Ribeiro is a pharmacist and freelance medical writer based in Cascais, Portugal. She helps pharma, biotech, and meddev companies communicate with their audiences in a clear, accurate, and compelling way. Diana is an active member of the European Medical Writers Association, where she volunteers for the webinar team.

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