Clear medical communications
for biopharma

Craft scientifically accurate
content that engages
your audience

I’m a pharmacist and medical writer based in Cascais, Portugal who helps life sciences companies create accurate and compliant content for their audiences and stakeholders.

Registered Pharmacist

EMWA Member logo 2020 badge

EMWA member and volunteer

Member of The Clever Copywriting School

I work with clients that need someone who understands the complexities of their industry and can work as a part of their team. Someone who can write content based on scientific research. Someone who provides consistent work, tailored to their ever-changing needs.
I’m your medical writer.

Are you struggling with tight deadlines, regulatory constraints or just need great content for your projects?

Here are some of the ways I can help.

Medical Writing

Pharma & Biotech have to quickly and effectively produce documents that engage patients and please stakeholders.

I’m a reliable writer who can work independently or integrate seamlessly with your existing team.

Translation & Localization

The EU has 24 different languages. Do you have a Portuguese expert in hand? Now you do.

I’m a native Portuguese speaker and registered pharmacist, ready to help you with technical translations.

Medical Copywriting and SEO

Do you find hard to get found on Google, engage your audience and produce relevant content?

I can bring SEO and copywriting knowledge to your scientific, medical, and health projects.

“(…) declared professional medical writing support was associated with more complete reporting of clinical trial results and higher quality of written English. Medical writing support may play an important role in raising the quality of clinical trial reporting.

Gattrell WT, Hopewell S, Young K, et al

Professional medical writing support and the quality of randomised controlled trial reporting: a cross-sectional study, BMJ Open 2016;6:e010329. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-010329

How I work

Every project is different, but there’s an underlying process behind the scenes for each one. To make sure you get consistent projects that are perfectly adapted to you, these are the main steps I follow:

Understanding your needs

I take the time to understand your goals: a quick chat or email for the simplest of projects, constant updates for longer projects.

Writing the content

This is where I sit down to research, write, and apply all my knowledge to create content that makes you proud.

Delivering and feedback

I want you to achieve your objectives, so I deliver my work in time and I ask for your honest feedback.

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